Every pet owner wants their pet to live a happy and healthy life. When negative health conditions arise, however, they might think that they lack the time or money to effectively treat the issues facing their pet. We’re here to tell you that the costs for treating an advanced disease are much higher both monetarily and emotionally than they are for taking simple preventative measures on a regular basis.

Our expert staff at Adobe Veterinary Clinic can provide preventative services for your pet and keep them active and healthy, so that they’re less likely to develop problematic and downright dangerous conditions that could lead to major medical issues down the road. Read on to learn more about the preventative medicinal services that we offer for your pet.

What Is Included in Our Preventative Services, and How Your Pet Can Benefit

The preventative services provided by Adobe Veterinary Clinic include evaluations of your pet’s overall health, their risks for disease, and other health problems. Based on the findings found in these evaluations, your veterinarian can make recommendations that are more tailored to the individual needs of your pet, including nutrition, vaccinations, dental care, and the prevention of parasitic heartworms, fleas, and ticks.

Other preventative treatment can include discussing your pet’s behavior with your veterinarian and learning how to determine when your pet is displaying red flag behaviors that denote that something is wrong with their health, such as an inability to urinate, a tendency to bite, scratching their ears, or unnecessary territorial marking. By giving your veterinarian detailed accounts of your pet’s behavior, you can also learn to spot when your pet is simply displaying a common behavioral challenge, such as separation anxiety or destructive behaviors, or a normal behavioral pattern.

Improve Your Pet’s Health and Wellbeing with the Help of Adobe Veterinary Clinic

Taking these preventative measures is the first step to ensuring that your pet remains happy and healthy. Find out more information about what you can do to prevent major medical problems in your pet, and how we can help you and your pet through checkups and select procedures aimed at curtailing these issues, even down to grooming and oral care.

Begin the journey to better health and wellbeing for your pet by setting up an appointment with our dedicated, qualified, and experienced veterinary staff members today!