Because our adored pets can’t talk and let us know exactly what the problem is, it can be a scary time for their owners when their furry friends aren’t feeling well. It may be apparent that something is wrong—a yelp when they are touched in a certain spot, lethargy and listlessness, a sudden limp—but we can never be sure what the problem is and how we can help them. Every whimper, sigh or dry hot nose takes on ominous meaning. Is this going to be how we lose our beloved friend?

Fortunately, you have Adobe Veterinary Clinic on your side, and our internal medicine services provide answers to your most frightening questions. And to be perfectly honest? Most of the time it’s just a small virus or a strained muscle that will heal in time. But for those times when the injury or illness is something more serious or complex, we will use every weapon in our arsenal to insure your pet comes home to you healthier and stronger than ever!

How It Works

Once you’ve determined something is off with your pet, bring him or her to us. We will conduct a complete and comprehensive physical exam while asking you questions that allow us an insight into the problem. Even the smallest details can be important, so don’t wave off our need to know that Fluffy didn’t sleep at all the night before; that lack of sleep can be a clue that aids in our diagnosis.

If blood and tissue samples are necessary, they will be sent out to Idexx Laboratories, who will perform diagnostic tests and send the results to us. If your pet seems to be suffering from an injury or seems to have difficulty breathing, after a visual exam is complete, we will take digital x-rays of the wounded or afflicted areas and consult with boarded radiologists as to the results.

Sometimes hospitalization will be required, but we promise that we will do our best to get your beloved four-legged family member back home and on your lap where he or she belongs. When medication is prescribed, our full pharmacy has everything you can need, so you won’t have to run all over town getting prescriptions filled. There are many methods of providing the diagnosis and treatment your ill or injured animal needs, and we utilize them all. Your pet’s good health is our top concern!

No One Wants Their Pet to Be Hurt or Ill

Isn’t it comforting to know that you have the caring and experience of our skilled staff on your side? Make that appointment with us as soon as you suspect something’s wrong and we will work our hardest to get your pet feeling top notch as soon as possible!
Rosie Klassy

I can't say enough about the staff at Adobe Vet Clinic. Your pet is in loving hands and your pocket book isn't empty

Karl Last

Adobe Vet Clinic is an incredible practice! Dr. Phil recently did a bladder stone removal surgery on our older dog. She was plagued with frequent urination and uncomfortable car rides. After a swift diagnosis and an incredibly informative appointment with Dr Phil and his team our old gal was on the fast track to being Healed. The day of our appt Dr Phil and his amazing team put our mind at ease explaining the entire procedure and path of recovery. As all owners do, we were worried about our pup but all the time knowing she was in great hands. When we picked her up after surgery Dr Phil explained how the entire surgery went. He took his time explaining all potential complications, answering all our questions and putting our minds at ease. His recommendations for changes in food to prevent this from happening again we’re extremely helpful. Thanks to Adobe Vet Clinic, Dr.Phil and all his great staff for taking such great care of our old gal! We won’t ever consider using a different vet!

Lyle McCloud

Dr. Greg Heitman and his staff are the absolute best. They saved my dogs life. We have 2 Miniature Dachshunds puppies. Oscar & Meyer. They are brothers and are 4 months. They have had 2 rounds of shots and were over due for their 3rd and final. We noticed Oscar (who is the Dapple colored) was not acting like himself last week. We took him to Adobe Veterinary Clinic on Tuesday. I had no appointment and walked in. I was very emotional . They could tell right away that Oscar was in pretty bad shape as was I. Dr. Greg took us back immediately. Oscar ended up testing positive Parvo. Dr. Greg had me go get Meyer to have him tested also. Meyer was negative. They had to keep Oscar for 6 days. They let us visit and gave us constant updates on his status. I am happy to say our little boy came home last night and is doing excellent. There is no way Oscar would have survived without Adobe Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Greg Heitman and their compassionate and caring staff. Will never take our dogs anywhere else. The final cost was much less then we were originally quoted or expected. A very special thanks to Barbra.

Aalliyah Chavey

I recently brought in my dog for a treatment, and the staff was exceedingly pleasant to work with. The doctors were all very cooperative and made the whole process very easy, given I am always very cautious with whose hands I put my pet in. The employees of Adobe more than settled any prior concerns of mine regarding going to a new place to care for my dogs. Excellent service and a now happy, well-cared for pet. I would strongly recommend the Adobe for those in search of a veterinary clinic.

Sally Szotek-Mor vek

This establishment truly deserves a 10 star rating. The staff is friendly, Doctors are amazing. They truly care for the well being of your animals. I can't say enough and I'm truly grateful for this establishment being here. Thank you all so much for all you do!

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