Our dogs and cats spend a large portion of their days rolling around in stuff that smells bad, looks gross, and is, to put it simply, quite disgusting. And then—to add insult to injury—they track that disgusting substance onto our clean carpets and furniture, creating a mess of exponential proportions. Fortunately, Adobe Veterinary Clinic offers grooming services to help keep your adorable pets clean and healthy, despite their dirty habits. Your pets need more than baths; they need their teeth cleaned, their nails neatly trimmed, and their anal glands expressed to stay healthy.

More Than Just a Simple Bath

Bathing your pet at home can be a back breaking and tedious procedure, and at the end of the day, it just doesn’t cover all your pet’s needs to be clean and healthy. When you utilize our clinic’s grooming services, not only are you saving your back, you are protecting your beloved pet’s health!

Our grooming services include fur trimming on long hair pets, bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming, as well as teeth brushing and anal gland expression. The anal glands are small sacs that surround your dog’s anus which sometimes get filled with fluid and become uncomfortable for the pet. If you have ever noticed your dog “scooting” his backside along the carpet, most likely his anal glands are bothering him and he is attempting to express them himself—all over your clean carpet!

Ear infections are extremely common in dogs as well, and when left untreated, can leave the poor creature in pain; it can even lead to deafness. We check for infection when we clean their ears to prevent this from ever happening. Signs of ear infection include excessive head shaking and/or scratching, as well as rubbing the ear. You may also notice redness, swelling, or an unpleasant odor emitting from the ears. If this happens between grooming sessions, make an appointment with us as soon as possible.

Finally, your pet’s dental health is extremely important to us, so we include teeth cleaning services as we groom. Your dog can get toothaches, too, and they can’t tell you they are in pain as humans can, so preventative care is very important!

We Pamper Your Pets

We know how important your “fur babies” are to you and we take care of them as if they were our own. Our onsite groomer doesn’t just take care of your pets; she is mom to two hairless sphinx cats of her own, and all our pet patients adore her! Give us a call and schedule a grooming appointment with us today. Your pet will thank you for it!