Because all the world is not as animal friendly as your own house is, there will be times you will need a babysitter for your pets. Vacations are fun, but a responsible pet owner knows that their animal children need to be taken care of when they are gone. If you have a trusted friend or family member who is willing to stay at your house, you are one of the lucky ones; most of us must consider boarding services. And because our pets can’t tell us when they are mistreated, it’s extremely important we find one we can trust. Adobe Veterinary Clinic is the first place you should consider. We don’t just provide food and board for your babies—we provide entertainment, exercise and love!

What Makes Our Boarding Services Special

We pay attention to the small details as well as the larger issues and set up our boarding area to accommodate the special needs of your dogs and cats. Because we care about the health and welfare of your animals, we require that your pets have been vaccinated prior to their stay with us.

Your dogs will have their own kennels and we provide condos for your cats. We understand the sensitive tummies of our boarders and don’t want to risk changing their foods, so the pet parents must provide food for their stay with us; we will feed them per their normal home schedule.

We will walk your dogs at least three times a day. Being cooped up in a kennel all day isn’t any more fun for your pet than it staying in your room all day is for you! Our cat condo area has a special enclosed area so that the cats can spend some free time out of their condo twice a day. Our staff at Adobe Veterinary Clinic love animals, so your animal baby will have plenty of loving interaction with humans throughout their stay. Hugs, kisses, and praise are provided at no extra charge!

We Know You Hate to Leave Them…

But we hope to make it a bit easier for you by ensuring your pets have a fun, safe, and loving place to stay while you are away. Adobe Veterinary Clinic can be more than a place to go for medical care and grooming. We can be a home away from home for your beloved four-legged family member, building a relationship that helps them trust us even more during the tough times.