Our pets are more than simple possessions; they are our friends, our family, and our children. Although we take the very best care of them, sometimes the unthinkable happens. No matter how domesticated they have become, our pets are genetically hardwired to wander, so on the rare occasion they somehow manage to escape our watchful eyes, you can bet they are going to run fast and far.

In the past, we had to rely on handmade signs posted on trees and signposts to get the word out about our missing family member, but the reach was limited and successful only about half the time. Today, through the miracles of microchipping, a runaway pet has an exponentially higher chance of being returned to his heartbroken owner’s arms for a happy and tearful ending to its adventures in the wild.

What Is Microchipping and How Does It Work?

A microchip has a unique ID code that is linked to your pet’s information. It is implanted in the shoulder area of your pet and produces a signal that can be read by a microchip scanner. Your pet’s name, your name, and contact information are attached to the code, and if your furry friend should ever escape the confines of your home, all the rescuer needs to do is take your pet to his or her local vet. The veterinarian can scan the microchip and HomeAgain verifies the number and contacts you, allowing the reunification of scared pet and heartbroken pet owner.

The microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice and is injected into the shoulder in much the same way a vaccination is performed. It only takes a couple of seconds to perform and is done without anesthetic. The chip is permanent and designed to last the life of your pet. It is important, however, that you keep your phone information updated with HomeAgain; it’s not going to help if your pet’s microchip is linked to an invalid phone number. Your pet wants to be home with you, despite its genetic tendency to run wild, and will be heartbroken at never going home again.

Adobe Veterinary Clinic Is Honored You Trust Us with Your Furry Family Members

Set up an appointment to get your cat or dog microchipped today! As a responsible pet owner, you will have plenty of other things to worry about, and microchipping can lessen the fear of losing your pet forever.